Emma - VRChat Avatar (GoGo Loco, VRCFury)

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Full Avatar Preview Availabe in my discord server: discord.gg/u9xUYTJtFm

Emma, the furry swaper
I got some down time working on other things and got myself addicted to blender and Unity...
The result is my most insane avatar I've ever made, Emma.
Emma has the most customizations I've ever put on an avatar and SHE CAN SWAP INTO A FURRY VERSION OF HERSELF!!!
I don't know if I will continue making avatars again regularly, but man do I love it and miss it.
Hope yall like this one <3

!- 23-12-05: Emma Update: Added Shirt/Tanktop & shorts clothing options :) -!
!- PLEASE DO NOT BUY FOR QUEST VERSION ONLY!!!! It does not have all the options that the PC version has -!


Introduction to Features

2 and a half years ago I made an avatar that could swap from E-boy to furry. I didn't have the skills back then to make it look good but now I do. This is why I decided to make Emma. Emma is a female egirl that can transform into a furry on the fly with the press of a button! Everything works seamlessly.

I've spent over a month making this with countless of hours invested. Most of the assets are made by me or either bought and heavily edited & re-textured. Everything to make the model look unique. I've tested the avatar A LOT to make sure of that everything works but it's easy to miss something on a big project like this. Please let me know if something doesn't work as it should and I will fix it ASAP! :)

Feature List & Pictures Below!

  • 100+ Toggles, not counting GOGO Loco. You can customize this avatar an insane amount. Watch the preview video for a full deep dive into how the customization works.
  • Furry Swap - Swap into a furry version of the avatar. Everything works just as usual and the visems + facial expressions work aswell! :)
  • Animated facial gestures - The facial gestures for both heads are animated. Please watch the video preview for reference. You can also turn this off with a toggle for normal facial gestures.
  • Contacts - Butt slap Left & Right, Boop, Headpats, Choke. Watch the video preview to see how they work & look. They can also be turned off with individual toggles.
  • GoGo Loco is pre-installed. You will need to download VRCFury for everything on the avatar to work properly. Tutorial available on the download page.
  • Latex Transparency: There is a radial controlling how transparent you want the latex material to be. Make it fully transparent or fully latex.
  • Body Sliders: Change the size of certain parts on the avatar. Have full control over the avatars looks with MINIMAL to 0 clipping.
  • Emission Radials: Control the emission on the - EYES, HAIR, TATTOOS & CLOTHING!

GogoLoco is pre installed together with VRCFury. . 100+ Toggles (NOT COUNTING GOGO LOCO).

7 Hue shifts that give you full control over the color of the avatar.

There's a Preset menu with 4 different presets you can chose from. They will toggle all the toggles for you so you don't have to go around in every menu and toggle stuff manually :) Very handy!

Full Avatar Preview Availabe in my discord server: discord.gg/u9xUYTJtFm

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The avatar MIGHT have some issue I haven't come across myself.
If this is the case, please join the discord server and let me know!
You can also join the discord for other questions. I'm very active!



If it's not credited it's either: 1. Made by me. 2. Bought with a different kind of license.

- Base, edited
- Head, edited
- GoGo Loco

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Emma 3.0 Vrchat Avatar, physbones, Quest version, GOGO Loco and much more. Custom made with Love! <3

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Please do not buy this avatar for Quest use only. The quest version does not have all the toggles as the PC Version has. If you want more information, visit my discord server.
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Emma - VRChat Avatar (GoGo Loco, VRCFury)

43 ratings
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